synergy marketing


We are a collaborative force that builds upon movement to shape events that create a living memory,
taking form to delight and entertain. Fuelled by the passion to channel our positive energies in
the new age, we embrace the change that is constant - creating a new
world that presents a show worth remembering.


Keeping attention to detail and perfection in focus,
we create occasions that will be etched in memory
and engagements that will create an experience of
a lifetime.


Harnessing the power of insights, synergizing our
communication channels and building upon the
experience of the past decade, we strive to
outperform the best by empowering our team to
put forth events that are not just creative, cost
effective and efficient but hit the bull's eye
in terms of efficacy and results.


We strongly believe in empowering every one of our team members for the influx
and rejuvenation of ideas on all levels. Instilling a strong affinity that provokes one
to demonstrate ownership and responsibility towards tasks.

  • Balance To ensure that every event stays true to its purpose and syncs well with the theme
  • Integrity To work ethically and with transparency leading to open communication and winning trust
  • Finesse To add the wow effect to every event that we put together
  • Excellence To achieve nothing but the best no matter how far we have to go
  • Teamwork To play on each other's strength and synergize to deliver exceptional results

The Team

Event Management

Time and again, we have set the stage for revolution. Synergy Marketing Corp. pays extraordinary level of attention to the needs of our client's brand and communications needs. We put together every event with the passion to make the brand the winner of the day. From conceptualization, groundwork and strategy, to implementation, promotion and execution, our efforts are seamlessly in sync with the underpinning cause, integrating every single element in perfect harmony.

We are focused on exceeding expectations, to plan and execute events like an expert orchestrator, balancing every high and low note to present a masterpiece.

Entertainment Marketing

"Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment..." No one understands entertainment better than us. With our diverse experience in the entertainment industry from the launch of TV serials to Movie Premieres, we know the art of creating a show within a show. We move rhythmically from one stage to another creating a buzz around the show that would lead to a massive fan following. We are a pro at putting up a truly entertaining performance working with the central idea of the content and connecting the dots intelligently.

BTL Activities

We understand what it takes to engage the audience and pull the crowd. Synergy Marketing Corp. believes in achieving maximum exposure to leave a lasting impact and create a memorable experience for the potential consumers. Before stepping into action, we gauge how the activity fits in with the rest of marketing campaign to create a perfect fit and amplify the overall campaign results.

We take our clients through every step of the process from the big idea to the activity D-Day moving closer to a two-way communication that is valued and cherished by all.

Outdoor Promotions

A revolution often starts from the first step out of the door. We aim to revolutionize the way your brand is presented and perceived Out-of-Home. Adept with changing outdoor dynamics, we can present outdoor solutions that will get maximum eyeball impressions. Our outdoor solutions variety includes outdoor hoarding site, outdoor banners, bus branding, corporate vehicle branding.

Production & Giveaways

It's the little things that count. It is imperative to keep your brand fresh, improving recall through uniquely branded merchandise and custom premiums. Nothing excites audience better than giveaways and merchandise worth keeping. We offer all the good things corporate in beautiful packages like banner stands, cap branding, T-shirt branding, key chain branding, mug branding.


With expert leadership and cutting-edge branding insights, we lead the way to capture not just the imagination but the hearts and minds of consumers. Understanding the consumer market, the shopper psyche and the dynamics of consumer touch points, we have mastered the core elements that light up every brand activation and the word spreads like a wild fire. We enable unique consumer interactions with the brand personifying it to occupy the coveted top of the mind position.

Atrium events


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